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Brief note from Sheri Rosen about her recent auto accident

A brief update,

This has been a journey. My injuries consisted of broken clavicle,  3 broken ribs and a punctured lung ,along with some hematomas.  My doctors insisted against flying for fear of my lung.

So my daughter decided to come out to Florida and take amtrak back with me.  This was fine until the snow arrived in the north. All trains were cancelled.  We decided to drive to New Orleans and take amtrak southern  route.

Well the drive was amazing.  Although I’m in severe pain, one has to appreciate driving the south. We dined at a fantastic place in Mobile AL.  Of course I looked like I was from out of space. But that didn’t stop that southern hospitality.  From there on to Biloxi,  where $300 dollars disappeared in those slot machines.  A beautiful night in new Orleans and another fantastic dinner.

We are now  on amtrak heading thru the bayou and on to Texas.   Be home by Wednesday. I’ll be thankful for a quiet ride from here on in.

Thank you all for your wonderful wishes.

Hope to see you at Zio and Peter Friedman ‘s talk.Feb 21 at 5:30

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My sincerest thanks for all your well wishes