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The Contra Costa County Conservative Coalition became the product of many disgruntled citizens. Experiencing extreme dissatisfaction over the lack of information available on important issues relating to our community, our families and our education, we decided to speak out. Tired of politicians and their boilerplate rhetoric, along with a lack of will power to seek positive change, we decided to gather together to become the voice that so few ever hear. We are not promoting Democrat, Republican or Independent, but rather the Conservative values of most Americans. We seek less taxes, limited expansion of government, a sound immigration policy and the return of the American Dream. We strive to uphold citizen rights, religious liberty and maintain the element that communities and families are better able to make common-sense decisions… Not Big Government.  Families must be empowered to make educational decisions and it’s the communities that need to decide how best to run their own schools and not” Big Government.” Health care is becoming Unaffordable….. not affordable. We search for solutions to pension reform, subsequently without reform, our fireman, police, teachers and all community service workers will be impacted and services dangerously reduced. Let’s uncover the untold secrets of pension promises and in what way those promises will destroy our communities. We need to support our police, firefighters, teachers and community employers, not make them extinct.

We invite all concerned citizens, friends’, families and neighbors to become a part of the new voice that will benefit our and our children’s future.